Willamette Falls Legacy Studio Model

Group Area Model

Scale: 1'-0"=1/32"

1/32" Chip board, 1/4" plywood

This massive 4'-0" x 10'-0" model encompases the entirety of the Willamette Falls and former Blue Heron Mill redevelopment site in Oregon City, OR. The model effort was organized by Evan and achieved by the studio of 12 people. Muted in color palette, this model is intended to show and accentuate each site model in a removable central development site. The model was built with a grant from Portland Metro and is used as a part of their Willamette Falls redevelopment effort. It was displayed at an event at the Portland Art Museum and is shown at events in Oregon City to promote the multidisciplinary development effort.

http://evanstravers.com/files/gimgs/th-32_presentation copy 2 resized.jpg
http://evanstravers.com/files/gimgs/th-32_Site model.jpg