This stop-motion film was created in 2010 as an exercise for Arch 476: AnimationArchitecture, which explored the relationship of motion pictures and architecture on the way to designing an animation studio.

How does the motion of the frame in space render itself on screen? What emotions can be conveyed with only the motion of the frame and a generic, empty space?

This project explores those questions, choosing to emphasize an emotion that is truly one associated with film and rarely if ever approached by architects: Fear.

What is the architecture of fear, specifically of this locale and in these times?


Someone running.
Accelerated blinking.
Heavy breathing.
Glancing over the shoulder.

These qualities are created with the movement and pacing of the frame in the ubiquitous concrete parking garage. The panicked breathing helps immerse the viewer in the frame, as well as the simulated blinking and unsteady focus. Meanwhile, the score works both in tandem and contrast conveying a sense of finality and of acceptance in the face of imminent doom. The First Person perspective is an interesting one, explored here due to my first-hand experience with its use in two specific influences: Coen brothers movies and video gaming. How can this cinematic thinking apply to the built environment? It is amazing the type of emotions animators and game designers can create in their universes with frame effects, and I wanted to explore these techniques in a manner more accessible to the architectural discussion.